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... As for the future of electronic music, it seems quite obvious to me that its unique resources guarantee its use, because it has shifted the boundaries of music away from the limitations of the acoustical instrument, of the performer's coordinating capabilities, to the almost infinite limitations of the electronic instrument. The new limitations are the human ones of perception.

Milton Babbit

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Drummer's Soul Remixes
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This time... it's personal!

Hardcore life means hardcore tools means hardcore rules!

The machine shall never cease to function... Some people will never grow up! And why should they?!

DraCoBorn and raised in the most wicked of all small towns in Croatia called Virovitica (we rule!). During the last 10 or so years I've been involved (one way or the other) with music scene. First gig was in 2001. at the hardcore techno party with the mighty Žznić Crew. First real performance few months later at Channel Zero (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Being messing with the first Yamaha synth and Amiga Protracker since highschool days. Apart from my regular life (which is pretty normal) I'm involved with the Diggarama netlabel and some additional stuff, I guess if you read hard enough you can find the additional stuff here. So far I've released music on Diggarama and Groovecaffe labels, as well as V.A. CD compilation of gabber and hardcore, my Drummer's Soul EP [dig002] was used in a great art movie entitled "I Communicate" done by Donna Tamosaitis. As well as a live set released on Super 6 Goodies Records. I've played at Music Hall (ex. Fun Academy, Rijeka - now it's re-opened as Fun Academy, and some time ago it changed the name to La Noche once again - kinda hard to follow up) some mixture of breaks and broken beats that blurred into fat hardcore/gabber end of the live set with some turns to undefinable techno during the set. As far as the music goes I've always preferred fast techno and nice soothing ethnic ambiance. Ying-yang situation. At one point going redneck rampage on the people on the dancefloor and some other time (if booked as an ambient dj) making them travell without moving. The same approach I have while producing. We (Blurix and myself) have started Diggarama as a free resource for good music of all genres of electronic music. Nowdays it evolved into a fulfledged label with over 40 artists still bringing wicked sounds to your speakers. And some good surprises are in store for you... Coming soon at Diggarama house of style and class.

Drop me an e-mail @ draco.hardcore[at]gmail.com

Bookings @ diggarama[at]gmail.com


The mixes will be again available really soon... Need to re-host them. :)

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Diggarama parties

Promoting the techno music, dj's and events in Croatia with the rest of the Diggarama collective. Smart, fast... Techno with style (from original detroit to the fast hardcore/gabber, without all those "new" experiments in techno - skipping that). Organized and held at the Zagreb's finest - club Aquarius

We also held a benefit party for the Hacklab at the Medika place (old abandoned pharmaceutical factory-facility) in Zagreb in May 2010. Very rave-a-delic it was. :)